A good Strategy yields success

Through experience Accretive has developed a disciplined approach to acquiring or joint venturing property, arranging suitable capital structures, identifying and implementing value added actions, and analyzing the market to identify the optimal time and price to acquire and dispose of assets based on a yield to risk ratio. This approach is outlined here:


Acquisition & Capital Structure:

  • Pursuing transaction opportunities that can withstand market fluctuations and evaluating them through:
    • Transactional Due Diligence/Financial Modeling;
    • Feasibility Studies; and,
    • Highest and Best Use Analysis.
  • Developing Advantageous Transaction Structures and Strategies:
    • This may entail correcting existing failed structures through creditor negotiations and/or Bankruptcy Reorganization.
  • Determining Capital Requirements.
  • Developing suitable Capital Structures and Identifying and Coordinating the Necessary Capital/Partners:
    • Align capital with the project’s time line so that it can tolerate and endure regional or project specific entitlement challenges and take advantage of market cycles.

Value Added Actions through Strategic/Technical Planning:

  • Analyzing Resources.
  • Assessing Assets/Business Units.
  • Risk Diversification Analysis.
  • Identifying Value Added and Growth Strategies.
  • Repositioning “Problem Projects”.
  • Business Plan Development.

Development and Construction Management:

  • Feasibility Analysis/Budget Management.
  • Land Planning.
  • Securing Entitlements.
  • Coordination, Management and Administration of Architects, Engineers, Attorneys, Development Consultants, and other Sub-Contractors.

Market & Financial Analysis:

  • Developing Sales and Marketing Materials.
  • Evaluating Product and Market Positioning.
  • Analyzing Marketing Strategies.

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